Philly’s gardening community gets a chance to grow urban farming throughout city

There’s a push to make urban farming in Philadelphia more sustainable, and the city is asking residents to help them map out a plan.

Before the city puts out an urban farming plan, they’re getting feedback on people’s gardening habits.

“Let us know where they’re gardening, where they’re urban farming, where are their projects. We’re also asking folks to define urban agriculture,” explained Philadelphia Parks and Recreation’s Ash Richards.

Richards said there are roughly 400 urban gardens in the city, and they want to make sure they all have the resources they need to thrive.


Philly’s gardening community gets a chance to grow urban farming throughout city published first on

Author: Mary Bromley

I am an herb garden enthusiast and author. I have spent much of my time on writing & teaching others about herbs and the wonders of gardening. I enjoy writing articles about my garden. I have been maintaining a great garden of my own that attracts the attention of various household magazines and television channels. I am also a member of the Institute of Horticulture and Association of Professional Landscape Designers. I have an own Herb Gardening Site, a resource of herb garden information for enthusiasts. Now I am sharing my gardening tips and gardening advice on the Internet with the hope that more people will be able to have their own blooming garden. I hope they'll be useful. Enjoy!

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